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Samee: A Display Device with Advanced Energy Efficiency


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Project holder

Schneider Electric Industries


Alpwise, Teledyne e2v, Leti

Non-members Partners

Maya Technologies, Nemoptic, LIG - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble


Screens and other data display devices play a key role in electrical distribution. First-generation devices give consumers key data about their electricity use, for instance. These devices can display either raw data, such as the total energy used by a house, room, or specific power supply circuit, or analytics like net energy consumption/production and use fluctuations. Consumers can also use control functions to adjust the different electrical loads and improve the energy efficiency of their installation.


The two key success factors are to make data display devices easier to use, program, and configure, and to make data easier to understand by presenting it in a clear, logical manner. This requires good quality screens of the optimal size and autonomous systems for both communication and energy usage applications. The Samee project will study the latest display technologies (like Bistable and OLED), radio communication technologies, and energy recovery technologies to see how they can be adapted or enhanced to develop new display devices at competitive prices.

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Industry 4.0


8,743 K€


36 month

Human resources allocated

54 men/year