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NOMAD: Exploring the man-machine interfaces of the future for mobile terminal applications


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Myriad France


InvenSense, STMicroelectronics Grenoble, Leti

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Calao systems, LIG - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble


Mobile electronic devices are becoming increasingly complex not only in terms of use, but also in terms of design. From accessing email to organizing entire music libraries, the applications for such devices are more sophisticated than ever, and they can now handle impressive volumes of data. Innovative technologies and partnerships with manufacturers are crucial to designing these sophisticated mobile electronic devices. The electronics market is fiercely competitive and the economic stakes are potentially high. Man-machine interfaces that are radically different from what is used today and that offer clear advantages in terms of user experience will constitute a key differentiator on the mobile electronic device market of the future. The capacity to work collaboratively will be a significant source of competitive advantage for manufacturers on this market.


The NOMAD project will deliver the technical solutions needed to build the man-machine interfaces of the future using embedded software and orchestrate the development of an industrial ecosystem capable of bringing these solutions to market. The project will: - Explore new types of man-machine interaction techniques using embedded systems. - Create an open hardware and software platform for the development of the embedded interactive systems of the future. The Linux-based platform will feature a processor with integrated 3-D viewer and will include motion detectors, either embedded in the system or worn by the user. - Leverage the use of motion detectors to innovate in the field of man-machine interaction by offering an alternative to the current "window, icon, menu, pointing device" interaction - Develop an industrial ecosystem to promote the emergence of consumer and industrial electronics manufacturers capable of using these technologies.

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11,193 K€


48 month

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83 men/year